Fall Home Maintenance Tips

With the cooler temperatures making their way into the air, now is the time to start thinking about those home maintenance tips that should be implemented into your life to keep your home safe an your family comfortable. A few simple tasks will enhance your home and ensure that you are ready for the upcoming winter season. Here are a few fall maintenance tips for your home to get you started.

Home Improvements

The fall is the perfect time to call a home improvement company. Not only are most companies less busy during this time of the year, you can generally get some really awesome prices on the projects that you want to complete. The sky is the limit, so use this time of schedule any and all improvements that your home could use.



Clean the gutters and ensure that you remove all of those leaves, dirt, and debris completely. When the gutters are in need of cleaning, it can cause problems with the water flow, and may cause foundation damage if water builds around your house.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are two entryways for cold air. If you notice that your windows or doors need to be replaced, let the home improvement company know and they can set you up with a great deal. If there are any air holes in the windows, or damages in the door, caulking them is a good idea that will prevent that cool and cold air from coming into your home.

Roof Repair and Inspection

The room is one of your home’s most important pieces. The roof protects you from weather elements and ensures that you are comfortable and safe in your home. The fall weather makes it easy to inspect the roof and check for any missing shingles or damages. A roof that is in good repair can prevent major problems later down the line.

Lawn Care

If you desire to have a beautifully kempt lawn when the warmer temperatures of spring roll back a round, now is the time to protect it. All of your outdoor furniture should be properly stored by now, and you should also ensure that all pickets to the outside have been covered and water flow to these spickets stopped. Fertilizing the lawn is also a good idea, since this fertilization provides an extra layer of protection to your lawn.